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Booster Cable

Booster Cable
Product name : Booster Cable
Details :
 Booster Cable
1.Copper plated clamps.
2. Flexible and tangle-free PVC insulated cables for easy to use at the temperature from -25℃ 
3. Different ampere from 100AMP to 250AMP
4. Different length of cables to meet all hookups.

Item No. Picture Conductor  Insulation Conductor Size Cable Length Temp. Rating Certification
WDEUA04M CCA/Copper PVC/TPR 4mm2 2.5M -25℃ CE/RoHS
WDEUA05M CCA/Copper PVC/TPR 5mm2 2.5M -25℃ CE/RoHS
WDEUA06M CCA/Copper PVC/TPR 6mm2 2.8M -25℃ CE/RoHS
WDEUA08M CCA/Copper PVC/TPR 8mm2 3.0M -25℃ CE/RoHS
WDEUA10M CCA/Copper PVC/TPR 10mm2 3.5M -25℃ CE/RoHS